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Top 20 Promotional Products
The Top 20 Promotional products with the best marketing ideas

  • 1.Cover Dissolve
    The clever eye-catching opening adds all-important customer interaction
  • 2.Extender Cards

    A proven winner in the Open, Read and Respond stakes

  • 3.Flicker Cards

    A firm favourite for all promotions with its unbeatable, fun action

  • 4.Foldilocks Cards

    Used by world famous sports events, NHS, tourism, leading banks - hugely popular

  • 5.Interloop Mailers

    Unique, patented and very addictive design has proved to be a perennial winner

  • 6.Jumpinjax

    Fun, high impact, great customer interaction and with generous print area

  • 7.Money Collection Box

    A pop-up money box is one of the most searched for items on the net

  • 8.Parking Discs

    Great promotional item for motor insurances, windscreen replacement and all auto services

  • 9.Picture Dissolvers

    Eye-catching movement and customer interaction puts your key message just where you want it

  • 10.Pop - Up Ball

    Great versatility, eye-catching shape and pop-up action bounces the ball into the chart

  • 11.Pop-Up Cube

    The most popular shape and choice for any promotion - graphic designers love 'em!

  • 12.Pop-Up House

    Response rates go through the roof with this unusual Pop-up Mailer

  • 13.Pop-up Boxes

    A product that can be customised to represent the pack at the centre of your promotion

  • 14.Pop-up Diamond

    Loved for its eye-catching shape - continues to draw attention on your customers' desk

  • 15.Pop-up Pyramid

    The point of the pyramid is that it makes a point that emphasises the point of your promotion!

  • 16.Power Pen Pal

    Proven to be a very strong and solid choice for customers in traditional markets and services

  • 17.Push-up Pen Pal

    Push-up action, great desk top presence, inexpensive - a year-round favourite

  • 18.Push\'n\'Pull

    Wonderful push-pull action holds customer attention for ages - and with great promotional results

  • 19.Sideshooter

    Great pack, excellent pop-out action and lots of room for promotional print

  • 20.Starbursts

    The impressive opening flourish of the fold out display holds the key to promotions succes

Attention-Grabbing Pop-Up Products – The Best Marketing Ideas

Pop-Up Products are in the Top 20 Promotional Products, and make the best marketing ideas, because they always make an impact with your customers. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes they are very versatile and unique in design and with the dynamic pop-up action they are the best marketing ideas for direct mail.  The Pop-up Ball and Pop-up Cube would be amongst our top 10 best marketing ideas ever and have been in the Top 20 promotional products for a long time; the more unusual shapes of the Pop-up Diamond, Pop-up Pyramid, Pop-up House and Pop-up Cuboid (Box) have joined them. To rank in anyone's top 10 best marketing ideas, promotional items must stand out in the post tray and amuse your customers and the automated pop-ups do just this.  Sent in their own individual custom mailers our 'pop-up mailers' are eye-catching and once opened the 3-dimensional pop-up jumps out, adding amusement and surprise to your promotion.

Versatility Is Key When Considering Your Top 10 Best Marketing Ideas

The automated pop-up products always generate an immediate reaction; however the secret to the very best marketing ideas is versatility. This is why the Pop-up products can easily be transformed into desk-top pen holders, calendars and money boxes make it in our top 10 best marketing ideas.  Advertising with the Pop-up products is easy, they do all the work for you and with your customised printing you know you have chosen one of the best marketing ideas around. The Pop-ups are ideal for product launches, brand awareness, anniversary celebrations; in fact the list of ideas is endless. This is why the Pop-up products are in the Top 20 Promotional Products Charts. The Pop-Up Money Box is especially popular when sent as a “gimmick”; it is always warmly received.

Picture Dissolvers for Visual Impact

Available in different sizes and designs the interactive picture dissolvers go into action as soon as a tab is pulled or the cover is opened.  Your customers will find this design entertaining and unusual which means that your company has made a good impression immediately.  The Dissolvers make the best marketing ideas for direct mail pieces and trade show give-aways and invitations.  Their place in the Top 20 promotional products is well deserved and the Picture Dissolves would make it in to our top 10 best marketing ideas too; all the products in the picture dissolve range are the best marketing ideas for captivating your audience and impressing them.

Interactive Products with a theme of Growth

The best marketing ideas for conveying a theme of growth and extension are the Extender Cards, the Sideshooters and the Push ‘n’ Pull ranges.  All deserve their place in the Top 20 Promotional Products and would make great nominees for the top 10 best marketing ideas as well; they are all fun to send and receive and with good graphic designs they are fabulous.  Ideal as Direct Mail pieces they are also perfect to send as invitations and announcements. Your customers are bowled over to receive a product that grows in front of their eyes to reveal the full message. Each product has its own attributes, the all expanding to almost three times their original size. The Extender Card by pulling a tab, the sideshooters as soon as they are removed from the mailer and the Push ‘n’ Pull expands when you pull a card at one side and the other side comes out at the same time. 

Unfolding a World of Opportunity with Foldilocks and Flicker Cards

The Foldilocks and Flicker Cards are two examples of cardboard engineering from the top 20 promotional products. The Foldilocks is available in different sizes starting from credit card size and unfolds in a concertina effect to reveal large print areas and the opportunity to issue loyalty coupons and vouchers.  The “waterfall effect” of the Flicker Card is one of the best marketing ideas – it is attention-grabbing and difficult to put down.  Both products will be shown to others which will extend advertising profile and time greatly.

Starburst And Interloop Mailer – Contenders For Top 10 Best Marketing Ideas

The Starburst Family are a range of products in different sizes and shapes that open up with style and pizzazz. The starburst fold opens up with a flourish and is very interactive and amusing for your customer. They make the best marketing ideas for direct mail, trade show give-aways and pocket sized products. They are in the top 20 promotional products because they are a joy to both send and receive and would be a contender if you asked us to list our top 10 marketing ideas.  The Interloop Mailer is a product with a playful and very interactive personality, the full message is revealed by turning again and again. This top 20 promotional product is one of the best marketing ideas for high customer interaction and captivation.

 Surprise Products Impress your Customers

One of the very best marketing ideas for instant reaction and surprise qualities is the Jumpinjax. This delightful little product has a tray that slides out to reveal four mini pop-up cubes that bounce out with a little noise and energy.  The Jumpinjax offers a generous print area for your message and is ideal for direct mail promotions and trade show give-aways; this is exactly why it is in the Top 20 promotional products chart. 

Pen Pals for Longevity

In addition to the Pop-Up Products that can be transformed into pen holders with the pen holes there are Pen Pots; the Power Pen Pal and the Push-up Pen Pal. Both products will remain on your customers’ desk for a long time and keep your company details in their focus.  The Power Pen Pal is one of the best marketing ideas since it ticks all the boxes – it arrives in a custom mailer, and pops out to reveal itself as a multifunctional desk-tidy. Due to its six-sided shape it is perfect to have a calendar printed on in addition to your custom print. A push up pen pal is sent flat and with one simple push up action is ready to go as a desk-tidy, available with or without a header card and in different shapes this is one of the top 20 promotional products for longevity.

Wheel Charts are Top Spinners

We are all familiar with the format of Parking Discs and Parking Permits and the recent addition the Recycling Discs – what goes where wheel as it is often referred to by Local Government bodies. Did you know that some of the best marketing ideas are now designed in the format of wheel charts – ideal for product information, events calendars and medical charts to name a few successful top 20 promotional products. Sometimes referred to as eyeleted discs these promotional items are superb because at every turn your customer discovers something new making them a very interactive best marketing idea.