Innovative Marketing Products for Great Advertising Campaigns



Effective direct mail marketing is paramount to your marketing strategy and by designing innovative marketing products you can achieve increased response rates too.  I love to hear success stories about great advertising campaigns and by using personal direct mail you can join countless others and share this success:


Flicker Card – Direct Mail with Substance

By choosing an interactive and playful product you can guarantee that your customer will read your message again and again and will show to others too.  The Flicker Card is a top choice since the inner sleeves flow through as your contacts pull a tab making it very amusing indeed.  Available in different sizes there is always lots of room for your customised print. The Flicker Card has played the starring role in some great advertising campaigns and has also been designed successfully as a trade show give-away and an event invitation.  


Pop-up Products Surprise Every Time

Automatic pop-up products are amazing for creating an impact and are innovative marketing products that work well every time.  Available in different shapes there is one perfect for any promotion you have and they really are great advertising campaigns ideas for gaining maximum focus on your company details and your message.  My favourite shape is the Pop-up Ball because it is so versatile and cute; you may prefer one of the other shapes and recently the Pop-up Handbag has come into its own as a popular choice.  The pop-up products arrive with your customer in a chunky mailer and as soon as opened they leap free much to their surprise – perfect for getting you noticed immediately.


Push Up Pen Pal – Useful and Innovative Marketing Product

How many times do you reach for a pen during a working day?  Yes, me too which is why sending a pen pot is one of the great advertising ideas for longevity.  The Push Up Pen Pal is available in different sizes and formats, with or without a header card.  Sitting proudly at any work station your customers will have a constant reminder of your company products or services.


For more ideas and inspiration see popupmailers and whitneywoods


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